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FullArt Perú

Fullart Peru is the first Peruvian company created to make everyday life more pleasant, founded in 2004 to democratize art in a different way, bringing more people into the art world. For the first time in Peru design is applied by various contemporary artists into various objects of daily use to achieve a more fluid dialogue between art objects and the user, giving it added value to the product.

Fullart Peru provides a different view of Peruvian design until now widespread. Peru has a vast and rich history, which is known through its magnificent art forms, which is constantly released and it is, through it,that we are known and identified.

Fullart's intention is to provide the traditional image of Peru using contemporary artistic expression by applying it to everyday living by designing and manufacturing products with Peruvian materials.

Among the guest artists so far, we recognize names such as Fernando de Szyszlo, Augusta Barreda, Martha Vertiz, Aldo Shiroma, Renzo Uccelli and Pietro Ceruti, being among them painters, sculptors and photographers who enrich with high quality art the products, which will increase with time.

Among the principles that made Fullart and its mayor concern, is the support and assistance to special children who have vocation and express through art their world, as it does with one whose talent is already incorporated into our designs.